Joint Support Power Pack Level 2

Joint Support Power Pack Level 2 supplement combination is designed for larger dogs or dogs with moderate to maximum joint support needs. These supplements give maximum joint support, providing Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Antioxidants, and other high quality ingredients that enhance bone and joint health. Derm-Tabs ES provides omega fatty acids that cushion tissues. Joint Treats, the third component of the Joint Support Power Pack, is a great low calorie treat that can be given in between doses of Joint MAX and Derm Tabs ES. It also contains helpful ingredients like Glucosamine and MSM to help lubricate and cushion tissues. This combination of products has been hand selected by our veterinary staff to provide the highest level of joint support for your dog. Joint Support Power Pack Level 2 includes: Joint Max Triple Strength (240 Soft Chews) Derm Tabs ES (60 Tablets) Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)