Booda Soft Bite Plush Hedgehog – Large

Dogs love soft, furry and squishy play toys, and the Booda Plush Large Hedgehog provides the perfect target of canine affection. It?s furry, it?s soft, it?s chewable, and it squeaks! A pet dog will shake his brain silly try to chew play this Hedgehog apart. And the best part of the toy is that it?s designed to withstand all this roughhousing and keep on squeaking without falling apart. The Aspen toy line comes in a variety of animal characters, colors, shapes and sizes, all incorporating the fun squeaky sounds that get a dog?s attention. These toys are particularly helpful when a dog has to sit for a while without owner interaction or playing with another dog. It keeps a canine entertained and they love to sit for hours chewing and tossing these toys around. The Aspen toys make great toss and fetch accessories when playing with a dog inside a home as well. Because of their soft construction, the toy won’t likely break anything it hits, bouncing off the contact harmlessly until the dog brings the toy back for more throws. Features of the Aspen Hedgehog toy also include: A personified appearance that even small kids will like when they see Spot playing with the Hedgehog. A soft, plush feel that won’t get hard or bristly. A strong stitching construction so the toy won’t fall apart with rough canine play.