About Us

My name is Rosemary but everyone calls me Rosey and my husband’s name is John (when we first started dating I called him Johnny).   That is how I came up with RoseyJohnny.

I never thought I would get into making jewelry because my sister was the more fashion oriented one, at least I thought.  When I went to college, I took Fashion, Merchandising and Marketing and it just wasn’t my thing.  I ended up changing my major to Marketing and loved it!  I always had a fascination for business and self improvement.

In 2013, I was looking for reasonably priced gifts for Christmas to give to a few friends and could not find anything that was of good quality.   I grew up very humble because we did not have a lot of money and I know how hard it is to try give a gift without having too much money.

I ended up going shopping December 24, 2013 at a local craft store and looked around to see what I could create.  I thought about creating candles or soaps but I decided to keep looking.  I then looked at the jewelry and decided to go with making jewelry for my friends.   I bought a lot of material that day without knowing much about creating jewelry.   Also, my niece was 4 years old and I thought maybe she could help me make the jewelry (that didn’t work lol).

That night I went home and made a few butterfly necklaces and packaged them up pretty nicely.  My sister was in my room and she really was impressed by what i had made and gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue a possible business venture.

My friend Kerianne always spoke very highly about Etsy and the fact that she always bought stuff from there and so I thought why not give Etsy a try.  Kerianne is an amazing graphic designer that I met working at a Pharmaceutical company and became great friends with.   She ended up designing my RoseyJohnny logo.

I had a few challenges in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect with my new business venture.  I didn’t know what to charge, how to take great pictures, how to market to Etsy customers and how to efficiently ship my merchandise.

I worked full time being the Head of Marketing and Communications for this Pharmaceutical company and when I got home I would get to work creating pieces that I could put on my Etsy Shop.  At first, I didn’t even want to go to sleep.  I just wanted to create create create!  It was so exciting to have something to call my own.  Something that I created from scratch.

It is now 2016 and I have learned a lot.  I am still learning.  I have built the RoseyJohnny brand for over 2 years now and I have many loyal customers.

If you have not visited my shop, please do so by clicking this link Etsy Shop RoseyJohnny.